Beaglebone Web Interface Update

 Feb, 15 - 2014   2 comments   GeneralWebUI

Major changes have occurred to the beaglebone web interface¬†over the past week or so. I’ve improved its functionality dramatically. Keep reading for a mini-changelog.

Beaglebone Web Interface


  • I got rid of some of the unused space. Mainly the side menu which will only have a few links on it so there wasn’t much reason for it. I moved that to the top.
  • Streamlined some of the design elements and removed the thermometers because they did not fit with the design of the rest of the UI. I replaced them with a “cards-UI” type interface (see Google Plus) for better readability.
  • Below the temperature values, I added a large chart. Both the chart and temperature readings will auto update when the brewing process has started.


  • I decided to steer away from using PHP and/or python to control the PID. It was just going to be too complicated and frustrating to use. I have instead been learning how to use NodeJS over the past several weeks, which is nicer because your code can run as a service that listens for input commands and can continually process input values. It made more sense for this type of project.
  • The PID controller component is tested and functioning at this time. I just need to code for the individual on/off pump functionality and safety code to ensure all three elements do not fire at the same time.
  • At the top left you will notice a WiFi signal strength indicator. Using node, I am able to get the current network’s connection strength in dBm. I then compare that to a range of values to output the number of corresponding bars and color for the indicator.

Overall, progress is slowly being made. I hope to put up some photos of putting the control panel together in the next week or so. I’ll eventually get around to writing a tutorial for how to use a PID controller in NodeJS. I’ll work on updating the Supply List this weekend as well. Keep an eye out!

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 Comments 2 comments

  • Bjarne Kristensen says:

    First a thumbs up – I must admit that it looks very good. Going in the same direction moving my brewery from a homemade Windows program onto the beaglebone, I am interested in knowing if you are going to share the code of your project or if you are going to keep it for your personal use?

    I fully understand why you want to move away from PHP. For long I was in doubt whether to use Python and PHP or NodeJS, but I really like the idea of having the NodeJS environment directly on the device and keep everything in that environment. And while I could continue down my own path, it could be inspirational to see what others do.

    • brew says:

      I plan to eventually open it up. Right now it’s a gigantic mess- I would feel bad for someone trying to decipher what is going on with the spaghetti code I have right now. I agree- go with NodeJS! It is so much easier to work with.

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